Statistical and Population Genomics

Group Structure

Group Leader: Miguel Pérez Enciso (ICREA Research Professor)
Researchers: Sebastián Ramos Onsins
Postdoctoral Researchers: Luca Ferretti (until Nov 2012), Bruno Nevado
PhD Students: William Orlando Burgos, Erica Bianco, Elizabete Da Silva (since April 2013), Anna Esteve (until October 2012)
Undergrad or Master Students: Eduard Casas (2013)


Our interests are to combine the development of methods and software with analyzing real data, both from a population genetics point of view and in experimental crosses, to identify the loci responsible for complex variation in domestic animals and plants. We focus on the pig as a model of domestic species, and we participated in the international consortium leading to pig genome sequence (Nature, 2012). We have developed statistical methodologies to take advantage of the high throughput technologies for classical problems in genetics, like understanding of the main mechanisms that shape the variability among the individuals, and which are the effects of domestication and modern selection on this variability.

Research Projects

  • Development of algorithms and statistical methods for population genomics
  • Development of software for the genome analysis of natural and domesticated populations using NGS data.
  • Analysis of the genome variability on Domesticated Populations.
  • Study the advantages of using complete sequence for genetic improvement.
  • Population genetics of village pigs in the Americas.
  • Genomewide, worldwide characterization of variation in the pig.

Selected Publications

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