Meetings and workshops 2012 & 2013

CRAG organizes high-profile meetings and workshops with the aim of disseminating results, facilitating translational research, and promoting training and international cooperation.

1st International Brassinosteroid Conference
Organizer: Ana Caño. Barcelona, June 27-29, 2012. Brassinosteroids are steriod hormones essential for plant grwoth and development. Intensive work over the last two decades resulted in great advances in the molecular understanding of Brassinosterois action in the plant. The meeting brought together the most relevant scientists in the field and emergent scientists and graduate students.

CRAG International Biotechnology Summer School.
Organizer: Ana Caño. CRAG, July 9-20, 2012. A two-week summer course by CRAG and the UAB International Summer School for students of biotechnology, plant biology, and related disciplines.

The future of plant genomes: harvesting genes for agriculture
Organizer: Jordi García-Mas. Barcelona, October 9-11, 2012. The workshop brought together experts in plant genomics to discuss how the recent progress in plant genome sequencing will influence our understanding of plant genome architecture and evolution and how it will create new opportunities for crop improvement. Jointly organized with B.Debate.

Sharing knowledge from FP7 projects in Plant Systems Biology
Organizer: Manuel Rodriguez-Concepción. CRAG, April 15, 2013. An international workshop organized to to share insights among multiple FP7 projects and their industry stakeholders, to enhance the value otherwise gained by individual efforts.

The death of plant cells: control mechanisms and field applications
Organizers: Núria Sànchez-Coll & Marc Valls. Barcelona, October 2-4, 2013. In plants, plant cell death is a major player in plant development and resistance to pathogens. This workshop brought together researchers working on plant programmed cell death from both academia and agricultural biotech companies to discuss advances in the field. Jointly organized with B.Debate.

First “Jornada entre Científics de Plantes i Empresa”
Organizer: Ana Caño. Barcelona, December 12, 2013. A meeting devoted to facilitate technology transfer between the academic sector and Industry in the area of plant sciences, organized under the auspices of the Societat Catalana de Biologia and the technology platform BIOVEGEN.