Welcome to the 2nd Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR)

The II Annual Congress of Young Researchers (ACYR) is a CRAG internal scientific event that aims to become a platform for young scientists working at the center.

Interested and motivated PhD students will be able to present their work by focusing in the main question they want to address during their time at the center. This will give an overview of the work carried at our institution.

The presentations will be possible as a short scientific talk or a poster.

This year we will count with a keynote lecture by Tamas Dalmay (UEA, UK) and an informative session about the PhD program offered at CRAG and how to apply to different national an intentional predoctoral fellowships.

Moreover, the PROMEGA prizes to the three best presentations and the best poster will be awarded at the end of the congress.

The congress will take place 4th and 5th June 2015 in CRAG auditorium.